All guest rooms feature plasma tv, air-conditioner, refrigerator, alarm clock, bed-side light, table, LAN cable, hairdryer.


Standard room with one bed 3,700 yen(Tax Included) /person/night

We offer Western style, Japanese style.

Standard room with two beds 6,000yen(Tax Included) /person/night

We offer Japanese style.

Multiple-night stay 3,500yen(Tax Included) /person/night

200yen discount if staying more than three nights. Payment is required at check-in.

Weekly Rate 20,400yen(Tax Included) for 6 nights 7 days

*6 nights is a set of plans..
*Payment is required at check-in.
*Non-refundable. The property makes no refunds for no shows or early checkouts.)

Monthly 89,000yen(Tax Included) /person

*Non- Refundable
*Payment required at check-in